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R.H. Bassett American Legion post 319 Roswell, Ga.

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Presidential Letters:
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Get out the vote!

The American Legion encourages all Americans to exercise their right to vote. With issues like homeland security, veterans health care, illegal immigration and military readiness, the 2008 election is of historic importance.

Citizens must be reminded that good government is established when concerned citizens participate in the electoral process. They must also understand what is expected of them and they must know clearly and simply how to go about doing it. The American Legion Get Out the Vote program strives to do that. Download The American Legion Get Out the Vote guide to see how your American Legion can make a difference in your community.


Below you will find letters written by current, former, and presidential candidates as they are returned.


A Message from the President

America’s the greatest country in the world and will remain so if Americans take seriously their right and responsibility to vote.

If you care about our culture, and the values we pass on to our children, about our country, then vote this year and ask your friends and family to vote too.

One person can make a difference. Your vote matters.

America’s future will be decided by those who vote.


George W. Bush

Thank you for writing to me about voting, It is an honor
for me to encourage people to get involved in America.
Democracy is the best form of government we know.
However, it can work only if individual citizens take
responsibility for their lives and communities.
Americans must learn about and participate in our
government if we want to be able to guide our destiny as
a nation. As my college professor, Carroll Quigley, used
to say, America is the greatest nation in the world
because our people always have believed that the future
can be better than the present and that each of us has a
personal obligation to make it so.
We need not look far into the past to see that every vote
counts. The results of the 2000 presidential election
hinged on a few hundred votes out of millions cast. One
of the most vivid images from that election was of
workers in Florida examining each vote individually to
determine the candidate for which each citizen voted. In
every election, there are a number of races for various
offices that are decided by a few dozen votes or less.
But it's not just the fact that each vote can make a
difference in the outcome of a race. It's the fact that,
collectively, our democracy is made stronger when more of
our citizens participate in it. Apathy can lead to
cynicism, and both can have a corrosive effect on our
ability to build a better society for our children.
What I most want you to recognize is that we are all in
this great experiment together, and we will succeed or
fail together. Each of us must strive to make life
better for our neighbors in order to promote changes we
want in our country. I encourage you to volunteer in
your community, and I ask you to make your voice heard.
You can make a difference.



My Friends,
Last week, I was humbled to win the support of 1,191 delegates and officially become the presumptive nominee of our party. It was a great honor to also receive the endorsement of President Bush and visit the Republican National Committee to begin laying out our strategy for victory in November. We face a tough challenge, but I'm confident that together we will win.
We have prepared for this fight for a long, long time. It begins today. We've come this far. Let's go on to victory.
Thank you,


 It is a bedrock American principle: we are all equal in the voting booth. No matter where you were born or how much money you were born into, no matter the color of your skin or where you worship, your vote deserves to count.
But millions of people in Florida and Michigan who went to the polls aren't being heard. The delegates they elected won't be seated at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this August -- and that's just not fair to those voters.
The people of Michigan and Florida must have a voice in selecting our nominee for president. I have repeatedly called for seating their delegates.
join me in showing our support for seating Florida and Michigan delegates at the convention.
This is such an important principle, and I appreciate you standing up with me.



 Hillary Rodham Clinton


Ramon H. Bassett American Legion post 319 * Roswell Ga. * US *30075/30077



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