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R.H. Bassett American Legion post 319 Roswell, Ga.

Members Page: "NASA Near Earth Project" review

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Members Page: "NASA Near Earth Project" review
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Here is the updated list of objects being tracked as possible earth impact objects, and yes it is extensive: From the NASA web site to this list below first

Here is the Hazard List: "Potentially Hazardous Asteroids "
Below is the list of the 1014 known Potentially Hazardous Asteroids to Earth.
Click on the list:(99942 Apophis) It will come closer then our space station is to earth, April 14th, 2029 so you might not have to worry about your one is huge about a 50 megaton bomb destruction

Click on (2007 LE) on the hazard list, let the orbit continue to June 2nd 2012...You might rethink future plans.

Of the 30% of space that has been observed, we have identified over 5000 asteroids, 1014 are hazards to earth, and 500 are over a mile wide in size.
now we only have to cover the other 70% of orbits we have not even looked at.

Click on (2007 LE) on the hazard list, let the orbit continue to June 2nd 2012...You might rethink future plans

Apophis 99942 will be right on top of the Earth, on April 14th 2029, only 20 years from now

View 2 Apophis 99942 will be right on top of the Earth, on April 14th 2029, only 20 years from now

Not if, but when. If mankind can't stop it who can? Do you believe in prayer? Don't wait till the last minute..ask daily for his help.

Simulation video of the damage:

Scientist say this could happen in the near future

Asteroid "2003 QQ47" will be closely monitored over the next two months. Its potential strike date is March 21, 2014, but astronomers say that any risk of impact is likely to decrease as further data is gathered.

On impact, it could have the effect of 20 million Hiroshima atomic bombs, a spokesman for the British government's Near Earth Object Information Centre told BBC radio.

QQ47 has been ruled outfor impact after new calculations, maybe prayer does work. New data looked at on January 7th 2009 1:46am EST places a  closer orbit date to March 27-28th of March 2014. It will be .128 AU from Earth. Apophis will come to .0017 AU to earth, that is closer than most Satellites

Here the Close aproach objects
that happened from Dec. 2008- Jan. 2009

(2008 ON10) 2008-Dec-28 0.1725 67.1 32 m - 72 m 24.6 4.29
(2008 YQ27) 2008-Dec-29 0.0281 11.0 81 m - 180 m 22.6 10.26
(2002 AC5) 2008-Dec-29 0.1062 41.3 310 m - 690 m 19.7 15.25
(2008 LW16) 2009-Jan-01 0.0760 29.6 280 m - 630 m 19.9 16.28
(2008 YC29) 2009-Jan-02 0.0087 3.4 23 m - 51 m 25.3 11.93
(2008 WQ63) 2009-Jan-03 0.0701 27.3 250 m - 550 m 20.2 19.14
(2001 WJ4) 2009-Jan-03 0.1780 69.3 9.1 m - 20 m 27.3 7.90
(2008 YY32) 2009-Jan-03 0.0158 6.2 24 m - 53 m 25.2 10.30
(2008 YG30) 2009-Jan-04 0.0093 3.6 32 m - 71 m 24.6 11.61
(2005 YO128) 2009-Jan-05 0.1212 47.2 32 m - 71 m 24.6 13.24

News Crew footage of possible meteor hitting top surface of the Sun, if this had hit the earth the damage would have been immense. The mass of the sun is much greater then the earths.



the impact of the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 on Jupiter. For the first time in history, man could see what actually happens when a colossal comet starts to mess around with your planet. In July 1994, the meteor slammed into Jupiter's atmosphere, snapped into pieces, and bombarded the planet for days. Huge balls of fire and dust rose up from the planet's surface, and the debris darkened parts of Jupiter's atmosphere for weeks. The biggest impact crater, carved out by the piece of meteor known as Hale-Bopp, had a size no smaller than the entire Earth! By now, everyone realized that the danger of a meteor suddenly ending your world is as real as can be. It could happen next year, or next month. And well, it could also happen tomorrow


The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, or also called the Doomsday Vault, will be the ultimate safety net for the world’s most important natural resource Does it exist or just a plan?
Read more here:
When is it time to stop planning and start doing?

One row of the millions of seeds collected from around the world /Gt/1-doomsd... g

Earthquake activity, shows Major events are near. Research "Ball Lightning" it is a phenomena of earthquake activity. It develops and can have the natural effect to a nuclear bomb. Some scientist believe it was a lightning Ball event that caused the explosion in the Russian area known as Tengusca1908, rather than a meteor.

Increased seismic activity in Iran could affect fault zones in UAE
By Aftab Kazmi, Bureau Chief
Published: September 12, 2008, 00:30

Al Ain: The recent increase in seismic activity in Iran could have an adverse impact on the three local fault zones in the UAE, experts said on Thursday.

The UAE has three local fault zones - near Dibba, between Bidyah and Jebel Salhal, and Wadi Hum.

Iran has a history of major earthquakes and a major fault line, the Zagros belt, passes through southern Iran.

The UAE is in close geological proximity to Iran and the Makran division of Pakistan that are considered among the biggest fault zones in the world. Most of the tremors felt in the emirates are linked to the seismic activity in those regions, according to geologists.

Wednesday's earthquake has again opened up the debate on the seismic hazards and safety of the civic infrastructure in the country.

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The UAE has a history of receiving shocks from earthquakes occurring in Iran and various locations in the Arabian Gulf.

The northern emirates in the UAE have experienced several minor tremors and earthquakes since March 1999. A jolt struck the area on the morning of March 3, 1999, and was followed by a similar tremor on the night of March 11.

According to the US National Earthquake Information Centre in Denver, the UAE is located on the edge of the Arabian Tectonic Plate that has been pushing against the Eurasian plate at a rate of approximately three centimetres per year. The fault line, the meeting points of both the plates, passes through Iran.

It is a natural phenomenon, said experts, adding that countries located in the seismic zones, tectonic plates, and major fault lines suffer more due to poor building constructions, lack of public awareness and government plans to deal with such natural calamities.

"The earth is dynamic and its seismic activities are normal. People should realise that they are living on places that are moving all the time and must take their precautions and safety measures. Those who forget it do so at their own risk," a senior official of the Middle East and African Section of the US Geological Survey told Gulf News.

Seismologists, he said, have divided the earth into different plates that are slowly colliding with each other. Their movements create stress in the earth's crust that occasionally results in earthquakes.

He said more than 800,000 earthquakes occur every year but the majority of them are of low intensity and people do not feel them. Major earthquakes normally occur occasionally.

According to UAE geologists, the earthquake risks are slightly higher in the northern and eastern parts of the emirates due to their proximity to the Iranian fault line.

These risks are associated with infrastructure damage and their intensity may increase as these areas are located on solid rock, unlike the sandy layers in other parts of the emirates.

The UAE has a large number of buildings and low-rise houses that were built some 20 to 30 years ago in different parts of the emirates. These building are considered more prone to quake-related damage.

Most new buildings in the emirates are being designed according to the latest design codes that include seismic provisions. This applies to all buildings even if they are part of island projects, regardless of the number of storeys, said the experts.

WAM reported on Thursday that 65 aftershocks were monitored in the UAE

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